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A warm embrace and a huge thank you for considering to support us, I really appreciate it. It is our calling to give life to new and inspiring forms of activism, launch exciting events and create conscious content in the form of essays, videos and interviews. Our vision is to help empower people to become conscious co-creators of our reality, and sovereign leaders of their own lives. Organising peaceful activism in these tumultuous times is absolutely crucial, as we are facing unprecedented threats in the collective. Thus a lot of will and active engagement is required of us all, in order to protect the integrity and sacredness of all life. I deeply appreciate all the help we can get.

Your support helps keep things running like the servers for our websites at dawnofpeace.org & summeroflight.com, printing costs of flyers, cards and t-shirts for our activism, electronic mail-out services, secure cloud storage, transport and other logistics.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Henna Maria


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