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End Genocide Now is an initiative to re-moralise our communities, disarm institutional propaganda and end the systemic persecution of truth speakers and activists. 

Systemic discrimination of people is one of the Ten Stages of Genocide. 

When the public becomes blind to it, no longer recognising the psychological lynching of the target group, the discrimination has become so deeply seeded and normalised, that massacres are near. In the final stages of genocide, the target group has become so dehumanised, that their removal of rights and even “extermination” is not considered a crime, as they are not considered fully human. 

This is where we are heading now. The governments of the world, including the European Union, United Nations and the World Health Organisation have a global campaign of dehumanisation against people who want to protect their fundamental human rights, freedom of speech, bodily sovereignty and medical freedom. 

Just like in the racial genocides and ethnic murders, the target group was first systematically dehumanised by giving them a label such as “nigger”, so are the target people of this current dictatorship named “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers.”

Every single human rights declaration of the world affirms, that everyone is equal in their rights, and nobody can be discriminated against based on their different ideology, ethnicity, gender, culture or faith.

The UNESCO Declaration of Bio-ethics and Human Rights specifically highlights that all medical interventions must be based on prior, voluntary and informed consent, and that no discrimination or prejudice can follow someone’s refusal to take part in a medical intervention. It also highlights that the individuals rights must take precedence over the sole interest of science or society.

Every single constitution of the world acknowledges the fundamental right to free speech, and the right to be treated equally, and yet these rights are being systematically annihilated from people who question the global pandemic, the government imposed restrictions and the hysteria propagated by the media, that are causing the death of hundreds of millions of people. Anyone who has the courage and integrity to speak up for the elderly who are locked up against their will and separated from their families, or for all the people who have lost their livelihoods due to the unlawful and inhumane lockdowns are labelled “conspiracy theorists”. Every heart-broken parent, partner or sibling who is educating people about the vaccine injury their family member suffered and died from, every doctor who is warning people about the dangers of vaccines is labelled an “anti-vaxxer”.

When the public officials and politicians take measures to systematically silence the “conspiracy theorists” and openly discuss separating the “anti-vaxxers” from society, putting them in quarantine camps, forcefully injecting them and denying their fundamental human rights to work and move freely, we are in an urgent crisis that requires immediate organised action. 

In order to stop the campaign of mass persecution of truth speakers and medical freedom advocates, we must educate the public, and we must hold the world governments accountable for their crimes against humanity. We must open the eyes and hearts of the people to the eternal truth that all of us are human, and none of us should be mocked, ridiculed, discriminated or systemically dehumanised. 

This is the well trodden path to genocide, and WE MUST END IT NOW.


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