Dawn of Peace


We are proud to be supporting the We Are Human We Are Free campaign to undermine and defeat the Great Reset. We must pull our vital energy out of the dystopian technocratic pharmaceutic slave society that is in the making. Join us in these continuous strategic actions of mass empowerment today!

The campaign presents grassroots noncooperation actions for people to take in 8 different areas: Pharma, Tech, Media, Banks, Business, Human Social Interactions, Non Payment of Fines and Surveillance. This approach is suitable for any circumstances, including lockdowns, as dispersed strategic actions actually minimise the risk of violent repression. 

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We Are Human We Are Free

A Campaign Based On Fearlessness And Love

“This campaign does not require any form of legal/law-based defence and does not use the threat of legal prosecution. It does not appeal to political leaders to make decisions ‘on our behalf’ or seek to form new political parties. It is a grassroots, civil resistance campaign that allows ordinary people to directly take back their power from the class of dominators and corrupted governing entities. It relies on the power of conscience, courage, faith in one’s self and the truth, belief in the ultimate power of love, emotional support and the space outside actions to feel one’s feelings including fear and anger, and relentless persistence in the face of adversity. In our experience, this is the simplest, most powerful and most personally liberating form of resistance. We each have the power to nonviolently noncooperate with insanity and choose ways of living that meet our true human needs. Let’s take our power back. This is not a war that we must win, but a way of remembering the full truth of who we are.”

— A message from the creators of We Are Human We Are Free, Anita McKone & Robert Burrowes

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