Dawn of Peace



In our experience, a sincere dialogue is the most fruitful form of activism. Instead of seeking debate and highlighting opposing views, Open Voice Activism aims to build bridges and find what it is that all of us share. Through open hearted conversations exploring the issues of our world, we strive to illuminate what is humane and what is true. 

By offering people a chance to voice their authentic concerns and contemplations, we aim to awaken free thinking, encourage personal empowerment, and ignite compassion. 

In concrete reality, Open Voice Activism happens in the streets, out in the public, with whomever one wishes to reach out to. The activist approaches the person or a group of people with a topic that they wish to bring light to through a dialogue. It is crucial that we energetically create an atmosphere, where the person feels safe and encouraged to share their view.

Before straight away jumping to a controversial subject, it is good to introduce it by talking about the value that this particular issue would be violating. In the case of animal cruelty for instance, it is great to begin by having a dialogue about the value of Life, the value of Nature, the value of Peace. For when a person is inspired to explore these subjects with the wisdom of their hearts, it is very difficult to defend needless killing and torture thereafter.



As our movement is in its very infancy at this point in time, some of our activism is still in the visionary state. Nevertheless, it is clear to us that we aim to also create a conscious community, humanitarian projects, series of events or perhaps even a school, where people can come together and share the fruits of their activism. 

We celebrate creativity and hope to inspire a growing number of spiritual pioneers, who on numerous different levels, will pave the way for a more harmonious and peaceful world.


In order to join our movement and become an activist for Dawn of Peace, we ask you to deeply consider all of the subjects that we advocate for and see if you authentically resonate with our message. Our aim is to build a movement of well organised activists and luminaries, who are articulate, outspoken, compassionate, creative, courageous, responsible, and have knowledge and authentic personal experience of the spiritual reality of life. 

As activists, our mission is to attain clear comprehension of the underlying causes responsible for the chaos and destruction of this world so that we can create a collective cure for it. 

Willingness to work on oneself is the first prerequisite to effective activism. Learning to face one’s own shadow with love and courage is the greatest teacher for how to face the darkness in others.

Hence, this path asks of us unending patience, tremendous curiosity, joyful entrepreneurship, a deep calling to live according to one’s values, sincere willingness to keep illuminating one’s consciousness, a fundamental respect for all Life, and strength to stand in Truth, even in the face of tyranny.

Mahatma Gandhi: activist, intellectual , lawyer

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