Dawn of Peace



Peace begins at home. We must take a deep look at the way we bring up our children. 

Anyone can become a parent, but bringing up a child with wisdom and integrity is another thing altogether.

One of the most pressing issues of our time is broken families. Most children today grow up with emotionally immature, unavailable or abusive parents. Many end up becoming angry and self-destructive in their youth as they are expressing their emotional loneliness caused by lack of conscious and healthy role models. 

How many children are able to share their uncomfortable feelings and fears with their parents? How many adult children feel a heart based connection with their parents? And how many parents actually know what their children are going through inside?

Without a genuine support network, many individuals end up spiralling out of connection, into a world of pain, addiction and self-harm. 

We need to create a beacon for the lost souls to find their way back home.
We need to heal our families.


A curse word is called a ”curse” for a reason, it curses the subject, the speaker and the space around. Cursing is a very low consciousness way of communicating, for it highlights a lack of consideration of words from the part of the speaker. To create harmony in our relationships, we must learn to speak with awareness and wisely select the words we wish to use.

Unconscious communication is at the very root of conflict.

In order to speak to each other with dignity and respect, we first have to learn how to speak to ourselves with dignity and respect. Healing our inner dialogue takes a tremendous amount of self-inquiry and self-love. Oftentimes the negative inner voice is an internalised negative voice of a harsh parent or a bully. It can also be a manifestation of a false belief that was born from trauma, for instance the belief of ”I am not loved” or ”I am not good enough as I am”. 

Therefore, the best way to respond to unconscious communication is with neutral patience and inner acknowledgement of the painful reasons for the other’s negativity. We must never take someone’s cursing personally, it is always a projection of their unresolved conflicts.

Peaceful communication also entails the knowledge of how to disagree with someone without hostility. This is one of the fundamental issues in human connections - not knowing how to have a mutually respectful dialogue between people who have differing views. 

It is through our capitalist culture and competition based education system that we are taught to want to ”win” an argument rather than arrive in a place of truth and realisation. 

We are taught that it is a sign of weakness to “lose” the argument or to change one’s mind. In this manner we end up in never-ending debates and narrow minded stubborn beliefs with no grounding. 

For humanity’s sake, we should strive to learn how to truly listen to each other and explore the validity and veracity of the differing view. 

After all, isn’t that exactly what we ask of others, to hear us out and to consider our message? We can no longer keep racing against each other. It is time to recognise that we are all part of the same family, and only together we can build a peaceful home for all of us. Let’s seek to build bridges and create a harmonious co-existence.


More U.S. soldiers die of suicide than war. This fact alone should be enough to turn anyone away from the military.

How can we keep doing this to our sisters and brothers, our sons and daughters? How can we keep watching them being sent to the worst conditions of this world, to witness and commit the most immoral acts of humanity? And how can we expect these brave and broken hearts to become “productive citizens” of our society after the hell they have lived through? 

We need to acknowledge this large number of our fellow humans who live as victims of war and PTSD, and extend our hearts to help them. In the United Kingdom, there are an estimated 7,000 homeless veterans. In the United States, the number soars up to 124,000, as of 2017.

It is absolutely despicable that in 2020 war is still happening. 

We must speak up against war and weapons production. 

We must not cease to protest this, and we must protest this loud and clear. 

Not in our name. 

The blood spill must end.


By the time a woman misses her first period and begins to wonder if she is pregnant, the heart of her unborn child is already beating. This foetus is a developing human being, not a mere clump of indistinct cells and slime.

Within only 40 days of conception, the tiny human foetus already displays measurable brain waves. By day 45, the baby has identifiable arms and legs. And between the seventh and the tenth weeks, when the majority of abortions are performed, little fingers and genitals have formed and the child’s face is recognisably human.

All life is sacred, whether born or unborn, wanted or unwanted.

It is a gruesome practice of the medical industry to convince a confused and desperate woman to abort her own child. It is even more sinister to make the act of killing an unborn human being seem like a standard medical procedure with no spiritual or psychological consequences.

The majority of abortions (about 93%) are done for elective, non-medical reasons like financial instability, or a feeling of not being prepared for parenthood. However, with a caring support system and correct information, many of these scared women could find courage and strength to go through with their pregnancy and give their child away for adoption. 

We must ask ourselves, is there anything more cruel than needlessly ripping 

a living baby out of their mother’s womb and killing it? 

The dead body of a human being is generally seen as sacred and is never just thrown away into the trash. So we bury or cremate them, and give them a dignified departure with rituals, hymns and a ceremony. Why then is the body of the most innocent, most vulnerable human being - the unborn child - shown no dignity? Why is this tiny little body just thrown away like some toxic waste, with no reverence or grace?

Are we even told what is actually being done with these tiny corpses? Does the mother get to decide what happens to the body of her dead baby? 

If we wish to grow into spiritually whole beings with inner peace, we must abolish the cruel practice of abortion for non-medical reasons. 

Not only does abortion steal the life of an unborn human, 

it also binds the life of the mother to guilt and inner torment. 

So many would-have-been-mothers of aborted children suffer from PTSD, anxiety, nightmares, and depression after the procedure, and are so crippled with shame that they struggle to seek help. Others totally sever this painful event, but suffer subconsciously.

Therefore, we must courageously speak up about this subject, not only to protect the lives of unborn children, but to educate people in order to prevent further traumatisation of women and families, as well as protect medical professionals from being dehumanised by this profoundly unethical practice.

“Like an animal caught in a trap, trying to gnaw off its own leg, a woman who seeks abortion is trying to escape a desperate situation by an act of violence and self-loss. Abortion is not a sign that women are free, but a sign that they are desperate. ” 

-Frederica Mathewes-Green

“This is a debate about our understanding of human dignity, what it means to be a member of the human family, even though tiny, powerless and unwanted.” 

-Henry Hyde

“Any woman who has felt a baby stir inside her [and] any man who has seen the tiny heart pulsing on an ultrasound screen, knows that abortion is about ending a life.”

-Karen Kissane 

“A mother who killed her own child in the womb intentionally… how does she grieve outwardly?” 

- Tammi Morris

‘Precious Feet’ - photo of aborted child by Dr. Russell Sacco

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